Rebekah and Spencer

Any Utah native knows there's one thing that winter has in common: the weather is completely unpredictable and always changing. I mean, earlier this week it was 60 degrees with blue skies and had been like this for days, and right now I have two feet of snow on my lawn. What?? I know, it doesn't make sense to me either! 

Enter: Spencer and Rebekah. Planning a wedding for the first week of January almost guarantees you'll have snow, but will it be a beautiful light dusting of soft snowflakes dancing in the air, or dirty melting snow that's been crusted over and splashed with mud (you've seen it, right? Bleh) for weeks? I'll tell you what, there was definitely snow falling on these two lovebird's wedding day - and cold snow at that (ok, it's always cold) - but you could hardly tell. The love between this couple is unreal! Rebekah has a sweet smile and sparkle in her eye as she looks at Spencer, and you can tell that he'll never let a thing happen to her and that she means the world to him. Yeah there was snow, but it had nothing on these two! Spencer carried his cute new wife around the temple grounds, both beaming, and heck, they made the snow look good!

Now we decided it was time to try something new and fun around here on the blog. If you follow us on Instagram you've seen our first posts with #blushingrosebreaksitdown. We decided to start this new project because so many people come to us with pictures saying they love a certain flower but have no idea what it is. We figure that a bouquet breakdown is the perfect way to provide a little bit of flower education, inspiration for planning your own wedding flowers, and honestly just get to do something creative and fun digitally! 

Rebekah has such a classic style that we wanted to capture in her flowers. We kept things simple and lush with only a few ingredients, but brought in accents of navy, mint, and gray to play off her wedding colors.Check below to see the broken down elements in Rebekah's classy winter wedding bouquet, then scroll through the photos and see if you can figure out what flower we used for her bridesmaids!

We hope you enjoy the new series #blushingrosebreaksitdown as much as we do. Keep your eyes peeled for more! And of course..


Wedding Photography: Beautifully Dunn
Dress: Veronica Michaels
Wedding Flowers: Blushing Rose Floral