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You’ve never planned a wedding before, chosen florals for your closest friends and family, decorated a venue for 200 guests, and you may not even know what flowers are in season during you wedding month. Woah. Lucky for you, we’ve been there. And we’ve helped brides like you find the answers to these questions. A LOT! And once we get started it really isn’t that bad. In fact, we'll make it easy for you because that’s exactly what you should get when you hire a professional!

Sarah Asay

Hello! I’m Sarah!

I’m a big believer in being genuine, doing things with intention, having a well-organized pantry, and chocolate chip cookies (always).

As your wedding florist I strive to make planning easy and stress-free, and I’ll communicate openly with visuals and text to ensure we’re in sync throughout the entire process. The absolute best part of a wedding for me is the moment of joy when our bride sees her floral vision come to life, and I want that to be you! My years of study and experience in the floral industry allow me to go farther than just designing flowers based on your likes and dislikes - I’ll incorporate your personality and style, giving you florals that are personal and unique to you, and perfect for your big day!

Be sure to check the review page to see what our brides have to say about us, then let's get together and chat all about you and your wedding!


Blushing Rose Floral | Sarah Asay
Sarah was SO AMAZING! She truly made my flower dreams come true at an amazing price! ... I got so many compliments on my bouquet, and everyone said it was “perfect” that my florist really “nailed it”. Sarah has such an amazing talent and EVERYONE should hire her! So sweet and so professional!
— Kara

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