Blush and Berry Wedding Flowers

One problem with being a wedding florist is you work with so many gorgeous palettes and flower recipes, set up in so many beautiful venues, and see all the unique and intricate details from couple to couple that it makes you want to re-plan your own wedding. If I could do it all over again I would love to use Megan's blush and berry toned palette! Well, at least that's what I'm feeling this weekend ;) ask me again in a few weeks and I may be crushing hard on the neutral/nude palette. Do you think I can talk my husband into a few vow renewals and try all of the above?

This flower recipe is made of all sorts of goodies in white, blush, fuchsia, raspberry, plum, and even pieces of black. The faded greenery acts as a simple backdrop to let the blooms really shine in the spotlight. 

Blush Berry Wedding Flowers

An intricate floral palette with a variety of tones is a great way to complement your wedding colors. We like starting with one specific color, then fading in both lighter and darker directions to round it out and make it more full. For example, here we started with burgundy then used the fuchsia to transition to blush to white, and the plum to transition to black.  

Blush and Berry Wedding Flowers

When thinking about how you'll incorporate your wedding colors in your flowers, keep in mind that the tones of flowers cannot be perfectly predicted. Due to natural variability in growing conditions, seeds, and plant maturity the same variety of flower may look different from one week to the next. By expanding your palette farther than just one shade of burgundy (for example), we avoid the chance of your flowers clashing with those perfect bridesmaid dresses and groomsman ties, and instead complete and complement the entire look.

Blush and Berry Wedding Flower Centerpiece

Happy wedding planning!